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Banking Info - Level 1 Quiz Form
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  List of banking institutions in Malaysia
  Bank Negara Malaysia
  Credit Bureau

1) The money that you borrow from a banking institution is called a
  A) Deposit
  B) Loan or financing
  C) Guarantee
2) The amount of interest payable on your savings account opened at a banking institution is decided by
  A) Association of Banks in Malaysia
  B) Banking institution itself
  C) Bank Negara Malaysia
3) Outstanding balances on a credit card is subject to a finance charge (interest charge) of _______ %.
  A) 1% per month or 12% per annum
  B) 1.5% per month or 18% per annum
  C) 2% per month or 24% per annum
4) The payment card where you are required to repay the entire outstanding balance within the due date is called a
  A) credit card
  B) charge card
  C) debit card
5) Which of the statement on Islamic banking is incorrect?
  A) Islamic banking is only for Muslims
  B) Islamic banking activity do not allow paying and receiving of interest
  C) Islamic banking promotes the principle of profit sharing between banking institution and depositor
6) What account should you open if you need an account to conduct basic banking transactions at minimal cost?
  A) Basic current account or basic savings account
  B) Savings account
  C) Current account
7) In hire purchase financing, the owner of the car is
  A) the hirer
  B) the banking institution
  C) a joint between the banking institution and hirer
8) If you issue a cheque when you do not have sufficient funds in your account, your banking institution will:
  A) clear the cheque as usual
  B) return the cheque to the payee and impose a penalty on you for issuing dishonoured cheque
  C) seek clearance from Bank Negara Malaysia to clear the cheque
9) What is the minimum age required to open a current account?
  A) 12
  B) 18
  No minimum age
10)  If your bank account has been dormant for the last 7 years, where should you go to claim your money?
  A) Your banking insitution
  B) Bank Negara Malaysia
  C) Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys
11) A joint account with a mandate that both account holders to sign means that
  A) Any deposit made must be signed by both parties
  B) Any withdrawal made must be signed by both parties
  C) Any deposit and withdrawal made must be signed by both parties
12) What is the impact on a loan priced at a margin above a certain indicator such as base lending rate when there is a upward increase in the base lending rate ?
  A) No impact
  B) Total repayment will increase
  C) Total repayment will reduce
13) What is the minimum amount to open a basic savings account?
  A) Not more than RM1
  B) Not more than RM20
  C) Not more than RM50
14) Which of these is not a good practice when considering a financial product?
  A) Get information and shop around
  B) Ask marketing staff for explanation on issues not clear
  C) Sign up for the product that was first offered to you
15) If you need to check on fees and charges imposed by a banking institution, you can obtain them from:
  A) Association of Banks in Malaysia
  B) Website of respective banking institutions and branches of banking institutions
  C) www.duitsaku.com website
16) If you have a dispute with your banking institution, you should first refer the matter to:
  A) Financial Mediation Bureau
  B) Bank Negara Malaysia
  C) The complaint unit of your banking institution
17) Will a banking institution accept a complaint lodged by you on behalf of another party e.g. your spouse?
  A) No
  B) Yes, if you can prove your relationship
  C) Yes, with authorisation letter from the party concerned

18) You can exchange the following notes from Bank Negara Malaysia except:
  A) New banknotes and coins
  B) Mutilated banknotes
  C) Defaced banknotes
19) The role of this institution is to provide advice on money management and assistance to deal with debt:
  A) Financial Mediation Bureau
  B) Agensi Kaunselling dan Pengurusan Kredit
  C) Credit Bureau
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