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  List of banking institutions in Malaysia
  Bank Negara Malaysia
  Credit Bureau

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A protection plan based on the Shariah principles. A person contributes a sum of money to a takaful fund in the form of participative contribution (tabarru') and undertakes a contract to become one of the participants by agreeing to mutually help each other, should any of the participants suffer a defined loss.
Term Charges
Total interest charged on the hire-purchase facility and is calculated based on a flat rate on the amount financed over the duration of the facility.
Term Financing
A financing facility with regular periodic instalments, over a specified period of time.
Term Loan
A loan which is repaid through regular periodic payments, usually over a period of time, for example 10 years.
Time taken to replace lost card
Turnaround time to obtain a replacement for a lost credit card.
Time weighted rate of return
A measure of compound rate of growth in a portfolio.
A legal document establishing the rights of ownership on a property.
A legal document establishing the right of ownership on a property.
Trading Account
An account opened by dealers for every investor. The account indicates the amount invested and shows movements of investor's fund through buying and selling of commodities traded e.g. in foreign currency.
Trojan Horse
A programme that appears to be useful or harmless but actually hides malicious or harmful code designed to exploit or damage the system on which it is run.
Two-Factor Authentication
A process to verify the identity of a person through validating two credentials provided. The two credentials are typically something a customer knows, i.e. login ID and password, and either something a customer has, e.g. digital certificate and one-time password generated by tokens or provided via short message services or something a customer is, e.g. biometric features such as fingerprint or retinal pattern.