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  List of banking institutions in Malaysia
  Bank Negara Malaysia
  Credit Bureau

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Acceptance Letter
A letter from the applicant indicating his willingness to accept the loan after the loan is approved by the banking institution.
A software technology that has a set of rules on how applications should share information which allow programmed capabilities or content to be delivered to Windows-based personal computers via the Internet.
Administrative charges on overseas transactions
Charges imposed on overseas transaction by the card issuer.
Administrative Fees
Various types of fees imposed by the banking institution in relation to the loan, which are payable by the borrower.
Amount Financed
Total facility granted to hirer calculated as follows: Cash Price - Deposit + Freight (if any) + Vehicle registration fee (if any) + Insurance premium (for 1 year). 
Annual Fee
A flat fee payable annually once the credit card is accepted. The fee is payable even though the card is not used. Fees are imposed on principal and supplementary cardholders, unless waived.
Annual Percentage Rate
The annual percentage rate is calculated in accordance with the following formula:

  2NF (300C + NF)
2N2F + 300C (N + 1)

N is the total number of instalments.
C is the number of instalments that, under the contract, will be paid in one year or, where the contract is to be completed in less than one year, the number of instalments that would be paid in one year if instalments continued to be paid at the same intervals.
F is the amount determined in accordance with the formula

100C x T
  N x A

C is the same number as the first-mentioned formula.
T is the total amount of the pre-determined terms charges.
N is the total number of instalments.
A is the amount financed.
Application Form
A form to be completed when applying for loans, financing, or other banking products or services from banking institutions.

Appraisal/Valuation Report
A written analysis of the estimated value of real estate prepared by a licensed Valuer/Appraiser.
Any item of economic value owned by an individual or a corporation. Examples are cash, securities, accounts receivables, stocks, office equipment, houses, cars, and other properties.
Authority Card
An identification card to be shown to the hirer by the repossessor before repossession. The card has the following details:

  • The name and address of the repossessor and banking institution
  • Nature of appointment of the repossessor
  • The signature of an authorised representative of the banking institution